Carpool Guidelines

  • The carpool line will be one way traffic, please enter at the gym side of the building.
  • Please begin in the RIGHT LANE ONLY until you reach the signs that say Double Carpool Lane can begin. (This leaves room for emergency traffic to get around on campus.)
  • Begin double lane carpool at indicated point on map below.
  • ALL traffic must stop at the traffic cones and will be released by staff.
  • Pull up close to the vehicle in front of you and place your car in PARK. DO NOT exit your vehicle for any reason.
  • All cars should remain in park until directed to exit. Cars will be directed to exit by lane; single file off campus.
  • Pay attention to the line. Please do not use a device. WATCH for the staff that guides the carpool line.
  • Students are asked to exit the car on the left side of the car.
  • Morning Drop-off: Make sure students are ready to exit the car when they approach the unloading zone. Students may exit the car once the whistle is blown. If your child is not ready you may be directed to JAMS to get the line moving.
    • If the student arrives after 8:25am, they are considered late and an adult must walk them to the front office and check them in.
  • Afternoon Pick-up: Keep the carpool tag hanging and visible UNTIL your child is in your car. Once your number has been input by our staff DO NOT SWITCH LANES. Once vehicles have entered the loading zone and all cars have STOPPED, the whistle will be blown and students will be released to load into vehicles.
  • JAMS – If your student does not arrive at your vehicle; turn on your emergency flashers. You will be directed to Jams on the left side of the exit OR asked to reroute around carpool (following Jams signage) until a space becomes available in Jams. Keep flashers on until your student is in the vehicle.

Last Name, First Initial begins with letter A-N
• 7:35-8:05 AM and 3:10-3:40 PM

Last Name, First Initial begins with letter O-Z
• 7:55-8:25 AM and 3:30-4:00 PM

If your family has multiple students with different last names that fall into both carpool times, please use the carpool time connected to your oldest student.

If your student has a hyphenated last name, please follow the carpool time that correlates with the first last name. For example, if your student’s name is Gonzalez-Rodriguez, attend the first carpool for the Letter G.