IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Casa Esperanza has moved the first day of school at the new Star Road Campus to November 2nd.

Students will remain at our current campus until October 28th. There will be no school on October 31st & November 1st.


Welcome to Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School

Dual Language & Montessori Learning For Your Student

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your student at Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School. Serving students in grades K-to-8, Casa Esperanza was founded in 2003. One of the oldest charter schools in North Carolina, Casa Esperanza is the only school in Wake County that offers dual language learning and a Montessori curriculum.

NEW IN THE 2022-23 SCHOOL YEAR: Casa Esperanza will be moving to our new state-of-the-art learning center at 10510 Star Road, just off of Capital Boulevard near the border of Wake Forest and Raleigh. Our students and educators will benefit from this amazing new facility, with ample outdoor acreage, cutting-edge technology and modern classrooms. Our 2022-23 school year will begin at our present location on November 2nd. Students will remain at our current campus until October 28th. There will be no school on October 31st & November 1st.

We invite you to apply now for student enrollment.

Public Charter School, Kindergarten through 8th grade

Applications may be submitted online only during the public lottery registration period.

Casa Esperanza’s early lottery registration period has concluded.  However, parents can still apply for their child’s enrollment in the 2022-23 school year. Please click here to submit your application.  Your child’s name will be placed on our waitlist and will be advanced up the list as openings in classrooms become available.

Please read further to learn more about our enrollment process.


Children will be eligible for admission regardless of race, cultural background, intellectual ability, or physical impairment. To be eligible for kindergarten admission, students must be 5 years of age on or before August 31. See G.S. 115C-364. 

Admission to Casa Esperanza Charter School is determined by our annual lottery. In accordance with North Carolina charter admissions statutes preference is given to the following groups:

  • Only NC residents are eligible to apply. If your child is selected in the lottery, proof of residency will be requested.
  • Siblings of currently enrolled student who were admitted to the school in a previous charter year
  • Children of the school’s full-time employees.
  • Siblings of students who completed the highest grade offered by Casa Esperanza and were enrolled at least four years at the school.
  • Students who were enrolled in the charter school within the two previous school years but left the school (i) to participate in an academic study abroad program or a competitive admission residential program or (ii) because of the vocational opportunities of the student’s parent.

For additional information on our admission procedures please see the school’s Admissions Policy.

2022-2023 Lottery Process

How to register in Lotterease

We use Lotterease for the application and lottery process

Enrollment FAQ’s

2022-2023 Lottery Process

Step 1: APPLY

  • Register your child for the lottery for the upcoming school year by clicking the link: 2022-2023 Lottery Registration.
  • Only one time entry/registration per child into lottery
  • Early registration has concluded and the first group of students have been extended enrollment. Parents may still apply for the  2022-23 school year by clicking on the link and applying for waitlist status. Admission will be offered to waitlist students in accordance with statutes preference in the order they are received.

2022-2023 Lottery Registration


The email address you submit for the application may contain notifications such as:

  • Your child’s acceptance into Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School
  • Important information regarding enrollment deadlines
  • Your child’s placement on the waiting list


After the lottery is run on March 18, 2022, if you are notified that your child has been selected, you will have to confirm that you intend to register that child within 5 calendar days.

Step 4: ENROLL

Parents/Guardians that have accepted enrollment in the upcoming school year must complete all paperwork located in the enrollment packet:

2022-2023 Enrollment Packet.  Please select from the images below or these links to access and download your packet in English or Spanish.

Important! Families who do not complete all forms in the enrollment packet by the due date will lose their child’s seat; that seat will be turned over to the next student on the waiting list.

2022-23 Enrollment Packet - English

2022-23 Enrollment Packet - Spanish

How to register in Lotterease

Casa Esperanza uses Lotterease to register prospective students into the lottery. Parents will need to create an account in order to register their child/children.

  • Enter into your browser:
  • Select “Parents” tab.
  • Click on Registration (left tab), enter parent/guarding information.
  • Enter your child’s information to add them to your account
  • Choose school name: Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School.
  • Select a lottery to enter your child.
  • You should receive a message once you have registered your child. At this time you may enter any siblings to other lotteries unless they are twins.

Important information

Please enter a valid email address. We will use the registered email to communicate with you at the time of the lottery.

Program name: please carefully choose between immersion or enrichment program and the grade your child will be attending the next school year.

We use Lotterease for the application and lottery process

Casa’s Immersion program includes children who come from English-speaking and Spanish-speaking homes. Many children know little to no Spanish upon entering the Immersion program. Teachers speak both English and Spanish. They provide a transition period at the beginning of the year to help students adjust to the new language. Children are highly adaptable and take to learning a second language easily. However, you should not expect your child to come home speaking Spanish immediately. Language acquisition is a four to five year process. Children will often understand a new language before they are able to speak it. As a parent of a child in the Immersion program, the school will expect you to focus on exposing your child to as much English reading and writing as possible.