Classroom Volunteers

There are many opportunities to volunteer in your child’s classroom. Not all opportunities are available in every classroom. Please check with your classroom teacher for the specific opportunities available. Online sign-ups will be sent to you via your room parent.

  • Laundry – take home cloths and lunch mats on Friday to wash and return the following Monday.
  • Flowers – Bring flowers for the class. They will be distributed among all the tables we have. Usually the same dates as the snack sign in.
  • Room parent/s – are a contact between the teachers and the parents. Every classroom needs need at least one room parent for the year. This parent helps to organize events such as cultural presentations, served as the facilitator for sign-up geniuses, organized classroom volunteers, etc.
  • Library parent – checks out books from the public library on subject areas covered in class. This can be done at your convenience and is greatly needed! Please plan to sign up for one month at a time.
  • Playground – Goes outside for about half an hour so teacher can stay inside and continue working.
  • Friday Family Folders – Stuff the student folders on Friday. Family Folders go home almost every Friday and they need to be stuffed before noon for them to be ready to put them in the backpacks of our students before they go home for the day.
  • Parents to listen to children read aloud   Volunteers sit on the hallway outside of the class to listen to students read.
  • Cleaning Squad – Volunteers to clean out room and the materials each quarter to guarantee a clean and germ free environment.
  • Chaperone – parents attend field trips and help teachers with chaperoning students.
  • Field Day/Fun Run – parents can help with yearly events like the school’s fun run or field day. During these events parents will staff a station and assist students during the event.
  • Copy Crew – parents can volunteer to help make copies or laminate materials for classroom teachers.

Schoolwide Volunteering

Interested in volunteering at Casa? Fill out this survey to begin the volunteer application process.

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All volunteers must have a volunteer background check before volunteering.

Click Here for Instructions on how to Initiate the Background Check Process