K-8 Admissions Process

Children will be eligible for admission regardless of race, cultural background, intellectual ability, or physical impairment. To be eligible for kindergarten admission, students must be 5 years of age on or before August 31. (See G.S. 115C-364).

Casa Esperanza Montessori offers two separate programs with a different approach to learning the Spanish language.

In the Enrichment program core content curriculum is taught in English. Students also participate in weekly Spanish classes. The goal of the Enrichment program is to familiarize students with Spanish vocabulary, conversation and culture.

In the Immersion program core content curriculum is taught in Spanish. Supplemental literacy instruction in English gradually increases by grade band. The goal is that once students reach 8th grade they are speaking, reading and writing in both languages 50% of the time.

There is a separate lottery for each program. Please make sure you know which program you would like to apply to. Being accepted to one program does not mean you can switch to the other program. If you apply to both the Immersion Program and the Enrichment Program for the same child, and you get selected and accept a seat in one of the programs, your child will be removed from the other program’s lottery immediately.

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Admission to Casa Esperanza Charter School is determined by our annual automated lottery system. In accordance with North Carolina charter admissions statutes priority is given to the following groups:

Only NC residents are eligible to apply. If your child is selected in the lottery, proof of residency will be requested.

Siblings of a currently enrolled student who was admitted to the school in the previous charter year.

Children of the school’s full-time employees.

Students who were enrolled in the charter school within the two previous school years but left the school, (i) to participate in an academic study abroad program or a competitive admission residential program or (ii) because of the vocational opportunities of the student’s parent.

Siblings of students who completed the highest grade offered by Casa Esperanza and were enrolled at least four years at the school.

Casa Esperanza’s lottery opens on the first 10 days of January and runs no later than the last 10 days of February. If you apply after the lottery has run, your child’s application gets placed at the end of the waiting list.


Casa Esperanza uses the Lotterease system to register prospective students into the Lottery. When you apply to any of the programs, you will need to create an account in order to register your child/children for that lottery. Please make sure you use your primary email address. The email address you submit for the application may contain notifications such as:

  • Your child’s acceptance into Casa Esperanza Charter School
  • Important information regarding enrollment deadlines
  • Your child’s placement on the waiting list

Seat Confirmation & Enrollment

On the day the lottery runs, you will be notified via a Lotterease email the results of the lottery. If your child gets offered a seat, the timeline and required response times for each step of the enrollment process is outlined in the table below.

Calendar Period Accept or Decline Submit Paperwork Student Attends Withdrawn / Seat forfeited if no attendance after
Date lottery run – June 15 5 days 5 days 1st day of school 3 days
June 16 – 1st day of school 2 days 2 days 1st day of school 3 days
1st day of school – 20th day of school 1 day 1 day 1 day after acceptance 2 days after acceptance
21st day of school – Last day of school No seat offered* No seat offered* No seat offered* N/A

*No additional students will be accepted after the 20th day of school except for those defined as an enrollment priority, subject to available space. If eligible, the timetable after the 1st day of school applies to any admission after the 20th day of school.


The documents required for enrollment include:

  • Copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of NC residency
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Home Language Survey
  • NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form & Immunization records (to be completed by your medical provider) are required if:
    • Entering Kindergarten
    • Transferring from:
  • Out of state
  • Private school
  • Homeschool

IMPORTANT! Families who do not complete all required paperwork by the due date will lose their child’s seat; that seat will be turned over to the next student on the waiting list.

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