Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I enroll my child at Casa Esperanza? 

Parents must apply to our lottery for a chance to obtain a seat. Parents must fill out an application for each charter school to which their child applies. 

  • Are my child’s test scores or grades considered during the admission process? 


  • If my child is on a wait list, how will I know when admission will be offered? 

You will be notified by email via Lotterease. 

  • If my child is selected for admission, is he/she automatically enrolled? 

No. You will need to complete the forms in Lotterase. 

  • Do I need proof of my family’s immigration status to enroll my child in a charter school?


  • If my child is accepted, will they need to participate in the lottery each year? 


  • If my child is not accepted, will they need to apply again for the following school year?

Yes. Each school year’s Waiting List starts anew with a fresh lottery, so that everyone has an equal chance of getting in (with the exception of siblings – see the next item). 

  • Are siblings of current students guaranteed admission? 

Any siblings of current Casa students will have priority placement during the enrollment process. 

  • Is there an enrollment or application fee? 

There are no fees required to apply to or attend the charter school. 

  • When and how do I submit the Enrollment documents? 

Once your child has been accepted, you will complete the enrollment form digitally through the Lotterease program. If your child receives a seat offer before July 1st, the form is due 5 days after accepting the school’s offer. If your child receives a seat offer on or after July 1st, the form is due 2 days after accepting the school’s offer.

  • What items will be required for registration? 

The same items required for traditional public schools. These include the enrollment form with:

    • Copy of child’s birth certificate 
    • Proof of residency 
    • Emergency Contact Information
    • Home Language Survey
    • NC Health Assessment Transmittal Form & Immunization records (to be completed by your medical provider) Required if:
      • Entering Kindergarten
      • Transferring from:
        • Out of state
        • Private school
        • Homeschool