Each spring the PFA hosts the Healthy Kids Fun Run. Clearly,  it’s so much more than a fundraiser. 

Before the Fun Run many students don’t realize that they are capable of running for 20 minutes. After their Fun Run success, they feel ready to try other new outdoor activities!  

In PE class the students are taught about pacing and proper hydration so everyone can put forth their best effort in the healthiest way. During the Fun Run, the students put these lessons to the test. Tallying laps is an exciting way to measure progress; it is also a reminder to pace yourself. After the run, students feel pride and exhilaration.

When it’s time to turn in their pledge money, kids often want to set new exercise goals! You can encourage this by supporting the Fun Run. Then, at home, you might consider mowing a grass track in your yard, walking or running a 3K or 5K, or inviting neighborhood kids to build an obstacle course together.

Thanks to all the families who help make the Healthy Kids Fun Run a success year after year!

Thank you to all our 2019 donors! Because of you, we exceeded our fundraising goal.

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