The PFA has 6 main/standing committees and over 20 subcommittees that work diligently to communicate, comfort, fundraise, support education and plan events to bring our community closer together. Please consider volunteering for one of the subcommittees below. Contact the PFA officers to express your interest. Thanks in advance!

Communications Standing Committee

Translators help us ensure that the information we share reaches the entire Casa community. Volunteer responsibilities: Translate various PFA communications from English to Spanish such as posters for events, announcements sent via email, and flyers for Friday Folders.

We share interesting and important events about our school community through social media. Volunteer responsibilities: Suggest school events to highlight on Facebook, design graphics for upcoming PFA events, and send to administrative contact person to approve and post.

Hospitality Standing Committee

Lunch is provided for our wonderful staff every month to show them our appreciation for all of their hard work. Volunteer responsibilities: Coordinates luncheons for teachers and staff monthly. Works alongside PFA officers to solicit monetary donations to cover the annual cost of teacher luncheons. Budgets monthly luncheon cost based on donations received. Request donations from local business and restaurants for luncheons. Organizes pick-up, drop-off, set-up and clean-up by recruiting volunteer assistance.

We believe that the workplace should be a comfortable place. Our teachers are on their feet all day and when they need a break we want them to feel some of the comforts of home. Volunteer responsibilities: Restock powder rooms with health products, air freshener, mouthwash, cups and lotion. Restock faculty lounge with coffee, microwave popcorn, plastic utensils and paper products.

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Our teachers are often at work on their birthdays. Room Parents may plan a treat and it’s a Casa tradition for the PFA to leave a note in the teacher’s mailbox. Volunteer responsibilities: Place cards or notes and treats in staff mailboxes for birthdays.

Have extra uniforms that no longer fit your children? Donate them! Need uniforms for children who are growing too quickly? Take them! Volunteer responsibilities: Keep the uniforms neatly folded weekly. Stock the rolling cart with appropriate sizes and seasonal attire for scheduled uniform swaps. Suggest and schedule convenient times for community to benefit from uniform swaps such as the beginning of the school year, and when seasons change, make sure dates are put on school calendar and advertised.

Carpooling has many benefits: saves parent’s time, saves money on gas, makes the carpool lines shorter, better for the environment, and creates friendships. Contact Rachel Banyal to give your location and find the location of other families who wish to find a carpool buddy in your area. Your address will only be shared with other parents looking for a carpool connection. Volunteer responsibilities: Field emails and act as a liaison between parents while keeping information confidential.

When your child forgets their lunch at home, Helping Hands is here to provide them with something nutritious to eat! Volunteer responsibilities: Purchase or request donations or grants for nutritious snacks and deliver them to the guidance counselor.

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Passive Fundraising Standing Committee

Casa cares about the environment! As a school community, parents and students work together to collect and bring in the packaging from specific products that would otherwise be thrown away and sit in a landfill. Only certain items can be processed so please refer to the TerraCycle acceptable items list. Volunteer responsibilities: Keep the list/flyer up to date according to the TerraCycle program. Encourage the community to participate in this No Fuss Fundraising opportunity especially at the start of each new year or when there are changes to the program. Sort and mail items weekly.

Box Tops for Education is a national program where hundreds of products throughout the grocery store and online are marked with a Box Tops symbol. It is one of our No Fuss Fundraising programs. Families cut out the Box Top symbols and bring them to our school’s collection box. Our school is given the dollar value of each Box Top voucher. Volunteer responsibilities: Collect and mail box tops twice a year according to the Box Tops for Education program. Encourage the community to participate in this No Fuss Fundraising opportunity by reminding PFA to advertise it before collection date.

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The PFA has partnered with the 1st Day School Supplies company to provide families with a convenient, reliable way to buy Back-to-School supplies! Order the exact supplies your teacher requests with trusted brands and help raise funds for the PFA. It’s a win-win! Volunteer responsibilities: Communicate annually with the 1st Day School Supplies company to upload the supply lists for each grade. Promote the program by making sure that due dates are included on the school calendar, emails, and social media. CCollect order forms and then distribute boxes to classrooms before the school year begins.

Each year Strawbridge Studios captures our class photos and portraits of our students and faculty members. The students wear their uniforms for individual fall portraits and class portraits, and they wear an outfit of their choosing for spring portraits! The portraits and class photos are featured in our yearbook and sent home with students for families to purchase. Casa receives a portion of the profits made from photo purchases. Volunteer responsibilities: Coordinate and schedule class photos with school administration and Strawbridge photographer. Inform administration of important dates, and ensure dates are included on the school calendar, emails, and social media. Distribute Strawbridge order forms in Friday folders. Work with Strawbridge photographers on the day of class photos; help teachers and photographers organize students for class photo. Reschedule photo retakes for students who were absent or for those dissatisfied with original individual student photo. Track payment for picture orders. Distribute pictures in student backpacks.

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Active Fundraising Standing Committee

Through generous donations from our families, local business, and other sources; The PFA seeks donations of materials, goods, experiences, or monetary donations that can be sold at auction. Donations are used in our online auction with profits going to support our PFA programs. Volunteer responsibilities: Secure donations for the auction which may include students’ artistic contributions also known as Casa Creations. Identify local businesses and past donors to be solicited. Produce an auction catalog, organize donated items, establish values, publicize, run the auction, and distribute items to bidders.
Please tell us what you would like to donate or that your favorite restaurant or entertainment venue would like to donate to our school.

The Healthy Kids Fun Run was started many years ago at Casa to encourage fitness and fun, and raise money for our playground. Each year we run for a new cause. Our PE instructor works with the students for weeks leading up to the event. The kids learn to hydrate, stretch, pace themselves, encourage each other, and set goals for fitness and fun that they can implement anywhere, anytime! Students set a goal of completing a set number of laps and receive sponsorship from family members, friends, neighbors, and more for laps completed. After the Fun Run, students return to sponsors with accomplishments in hand to collect funds for laps completed. Volunteer responsibilities: Work with the PE instructor to determine dates for the Fun Run. Create a form for students to take home to solicit sponsorships for laps completed in Fun Run. Create a flyer for the event. Promote the event by making sure that dates are included on the school calendar, emails, and social media. Recruit volunteers to work during the Fun Run to keep track of student laps completed. Coordinate with teachers to collect funds received from sponsors.  

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Family nights are one of the ways Casa families enjoy each others’ company outside of school. Once a month families dine together at a local restaurant that generously donates a portion of sales to our school. Volunteer responsibilities: Contact local restaurants to host our monthly family nights; preferably restaurants in close proximity to the school and those who are willing to donate a portion of proceeds to our PFA. Once details are finalized, volunteers will communicate details and dates with appropriate communication committee member and school staff to ensure appropriate flyers, emails, and Facebook posts are made to notify Casa families and school staff. Make sure the Sunshine & Gratitude committee sends a thank you note to the restaurant after the event.

Show your school spirit with Casa Gear! All clothing is approved to be worn as part of the Casa uniform. Volunteer responsibilities: Check-in inventory, keep it organized, and sell Casa Gear at school events.

One of the many ways the PFA supports our school is through fundraising; One of our newest ways of raising money for our school is through sponsorship. Our sponsorship program gives businesses an opportunity to partner with the Casa PFA in our mission to support our school. Businesses benefit through gaining access to our diverse community and can feel good about supporting a local school, creating socially and globally minded individuals. Through their Casa sponsorship businesses receive recognition through our social media, email, event banners and more. Volunteer Responsibilities: Make contact with businesses in our community; (i.e. children’s entertainment, realtors, medical offices, restaurants, and more) preferably in person. Expound in detail the sponsorship kit; and who we (CEMCS & the PFA) are to marketing employee, follow up through email when necessary. Collect sponsorship donation and necessary business information (logos, digital graphic, brand names, etc). Send pertinent sponsorship information to appropriate members of the communications committee, hospitality committee, and printing company (who create our sponsorship banners). Keep a current a list of sponsors, to ensure they are featured and recognized at events and through social media when appropriate.

We work in conjunction with the PFA, teachers, students and school administration to identify potential enhancements to the school playground and ways to raise funds to cover costs. Volunteer responsibilities: Collaborate with school administration, students, staff and parents to brainstorm ideas on how to improve the playground. Look for funding sources to help cover the cost of new structures, equipment, and materials.

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Educational Standing Committee

We are so fortunate to have a Marine Club that centers around our salt water touchtank. We are able to provide hands-on lessons to small groups of students about the creatures that live in our tank. Volunteer responsibilities: Maintain the salt water touch tank according to the needs of the marine life inhabitants. Clean and maintain the tank, feed the creatures, transport salt water, and encourage the school community to observe and build lessons around the tank by educating via posters, flyers, or newsletter.

As part of our Middle Grades Service-Learning Project each classroom maintains a raised garden bed for growing edible vegetables and herbs. We schedule landscaping days to beautify our outdoor spaces including our playground which needs mulching at least once a year. Volunteer responsibilities: Support the Middle Grades by providing guidance and plant identification. Seek donations for seeds, learning materials, and physical maintenance of the raised beds. Help notify the community about landscaping needs.

Events Standing Committee

Once a year in November, the Media Center transforms into a bookstore selling Spanish and English books appropriate for preschool-through-middle grades. It feels like a party revolving around a theme, culminating with Literacy Night on Friday night. (The school plans that portion.) Volunteer responsibilities: Work with the Scholastic representative to organize and manage the book fair. Reserve dates and coordinate book fair drop off and pick up. Print materials from Scholastic Tool Kit website to advertise the book fair. Set up and decorate book fair in designated area. Create and send schedule to teachers for classes to visit the book fair. Organize volunteers to work shifts throughout the book fair: cash register, help CH and CHLE classes write wish lists, help students and/or parents find books. Reorder and restock books during the week of the fair. Break down the fair on closing day. Run reports and create financial statement on Scholastic website.

Each year the PFA host a number of social, school wide events for our school. In the past these events have included, Fall Festivals, Winter Fests, & an End of the Year Bash. At these events we have entertainment and activities focused on the family; such as face painting, bounce houses, games and much more. Our students may also participate in fundraising of their own, such as Upper Elementary Bake Sales and MG Entrepreneurship program. These events help many of our families get to know one another outside of school and on a more personal level. Our events are always low cost or free to encourage participation.
Volunteer responsibilities: Plan and organize the annual carnival-style celebration, our biggest PFA family event of the year.  Provide vendor tables for businesses and school activities such as Middle Grades entreprenuership projects. Coordinate activities, games, entertainment, food trucks, etc. Set up and clean up on the day of the event.

If you have creative ideas to make events fun and enjoy working on your own small projects within a big team, click here to volunteer.

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