TerraCycle is a national recycling program. It is specifically for difficult to recycle items, not all items with a recycling symbol. In fact, TerraCycle is sponsored by companies that make certain products or product packaging.

Our school publishes a TerraCycle items list so you can see which items that are the most practical for us to collect, package, and mail. We are paid a small amount per item or by weight, so it is considered a fundraiser for us. The PFA coordinates volunteers to manage the process, and we rely on each student to bring items from the list below.

Throughout the years that Casa has been TerraCycling the items list has changed. We have a section in the graphic below to remind you of what we used to be able to TerraCycle, but are no longer able to. Unfortunately, this means that if you send these items to school, we have to throw them away. If an item is no longer TerraCyclable please see if it can be recycled through your residential recycling program.

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