Mariposa Fund

Please consider making a donation to Casa’s Mariposa Fund. This campaign raises the operating funds that enable the school to provide an extraordinary Montessori education with a Spanish focus to our children.

Help Us Bridge the Gap

The state and local funding Casa receives does not cover all of our expenses. Without the financial support of donors, our programs would not be possible.
Last year we raised $60,000. Thank you to all the families who helped to make this goal a reality.  This is just under 2% of our entire $4.3 million budget. The Mariposa Fund helps us to bridge the budget gap and provide a unique educational experience for all Casa students.

Some of the ways we use the Mariposa Fund to make Casa such a special place:

  • Montessori training and materials ($3,000 per teacher)
  • Immigration sponsorship for teachers ($5,000 per teacher)
  • Providing 2 adults in every classroom ($117,000 per classroom)
  • Low student/teacher ratio in our MG program ($5,000 per student)
  • Art, Music and Physical Education ($135,000 for staff and supplies)

Why Give to the Mariposa Fund?

Casa offers a unique educational model with two adults in every pre-K through 6th grade classroom. We offer specials such as art, music and physical education. Teachers are highly trained and state certified. Immersion program teachers are also native speakers of Spanish. We rely on the Mariposa Fund to cover all the wonderful and unique experiences that we offer our students.

We hope you will consider a gift. It’s tax-deductible!

5 Easy Ways to Donate to Casa

1.  On your Mobile Device
Text the word “Give” to 919-883-4977.

2.  Online via PayPal or GoFundMe

Choose a one-time donation,
or a little bit each month.

It is not necessary to have
a personal PayPal account.

3.  Cash or Check; Mail or In-Person
Mail a check to Casa or drop it off at the front office.

Casa Esperanza Montessori
Attn: Mariposa Fund
2600 Sumner Blvd. Suite 130
Raleigh, NC 27616

4.  Make a Pledge
Another way to donate is to fill out a Pledge Card showing your commitment.

5.  Matching Gifts
Many companies provide matching gifts to their employees. Please check with your workplace to see if they will help your gift to Casa go further. Some of the companies offering matching gift programs include: Alliance One International, Apple, Attachmate, Bank of America, Biogen, Inc., Becton-Dickinson, BlueCross BlueShield, Chevron Humankind, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, Duke Energy, Genworth, Google, Home Depot, Hospira, IBM, Intel, Knowledgeworks, Lenovo, LexisNexis, Northwestern Mutual Novartis, NVDIA, Merck, Motorola, Oracle, Pentair, Pfizer, Plexus, Qualcomm, Quintiles, Red Hat, SAS, Starbucks, TIAA-CREF, Verizon and Wells Fargo.

Thank you for donating to our Mariposa Fund!

Monetary donations to Casa Esperanza are tax-deductible.