Sra NunezSra. Nunez is a well seasoned Spanish bi-lingual/bi-literate administrator with a Master’s degree in School Supervision/Leadership from the University of Puerto Rico. During her first years as an educator she was a special education teacher and also served as a regular classroom teacher from elementary through high-school. In addition to her 19 years experience as a principal in Illinois and North Carolina, she has a total of seven licences and conversationally speaks French and German. She is a native of Puerto Rico and spent the majority of her childhood and adolescent years living in different countries due to her father’s Army career.
Sra. Nunez has also served in other administrative roles including Director of Special Education for the Department of Defense Schools and as a Director of a Child Development Center for early childhood with the Department of the Army. The following are special initiatives she has accomplished over the span of her career:
  • Developed the first Special Education Policy Handbook for Department of Defense (DOD) Schools in Puerto Rico
  • Developed a Pre-vocational & Work Study Program for DOD
  • Initiated three successful Dual Language Programs (Rockford Illinois, Chapel Hill, NC and Arden, NC)
  • Led successfully one of the first five Schools of Choice in Champaign, Illinois with a complete focus on the Multiple Intelligences and Multi-age resulting in the most selected school by parents of the community
  • Led an elementary school in Chapel Hill, NC to become “Honor School of Excellence” for the first time in its history
  • Participated in university panels (University of Illinois & UNC) to discuss with administrative staff and professors topics related to diversity
  • Presenter at the National conference for Multi-Age and Multiple Intelligences in Kalamazoo, MI
  • Presenter at the Southern Illinois University on the participation of minority parents in the USA educational process
  • Presenter at the NC ESL Symposium in 2006 on narrowing the Achievement Gap: Impact of the Dual Language Program