Ibis Núñez – Head of School
Julie Jailall – Assistant Head of School
Anna Foley – Human Resources Director
Barbara Cooke – Student Accounts and Development Coordinator
Pam Seymour – Guidance Counselor
Celeste Saldaña – School Receptionist/Admissions Coordinator

Exceptional Children

Abigail Farnsworth – Exceptional Children Teacher & Collaborator with HOS on EC Coordination

Marjorie Zackheim – Exceptional Children Teacher

Children’s House Faculty

Sindy Salcedo – CH1 Immersion Teacher
Xiomara Gonzalez – CH1 Paraprofessional
Martha Perdomo – CH2 Immersion Teacher
Margaret Collazo – CH2 Paraprofessional

Children’s House/Lower Elementary Faculty

Pamela Gordon – CHLE1 Immersion Teacher
Olga Delgado – CHLE1 Paraprofessional 
Luz Ospina – CHLE2 Immersion Teacher
Mayela Meza –
CHLE2 Paraprofessional 
Jessica Treadwell – CHLE3 Enrichment Teacher
Conny Kern
– CHLE3 Paraprofessional
Christina Badenchini
– CHLE4 Enrichment Teacher 
Vanessa Vallejo –
CHLE4 Paraprofessional

Lower Elementary Faculty

Viviana Plaza – LE1 Immersion Teacher
Sonia Gibbs – LE1 Paraprofessional  
Udy Navia
– LE2 Immersion Teacher 
Brenda Diaz
– LE2 Paraprofessional
Maria Jose Toro – LE3 Immersion Teacher
Marisa Marquez – LE3 Paraprofessional
Kathy Glenn – LE4 Enrichment Teacher
Marjan Motamedy – LE4 Paraprofesssional 
Letisha Wilkins – LE5 Enrichment Teacher
Analyn Guzman – LE5 Paraprofessional
Yaneth Urcuqui – LE6 Immersion Teacher
Ileana Castillo – LE6 Paraprofessional

Lower Elementary/Upper Elementary Faculty

Amber Cole – LEUE1 Enrichment Teacher
Melissa Trigg-Collins – LEUE1 Paraprofessional
Michele Dyroff – LEUE2 Immersion Teacher
Liliana Bohorquez – LEUE2 Paraprofessional

Upper Elementary Faculty

Bethany Thuku – UE1 Enrichment Teacher
Allison Denison – UE1 Paraprofessional
Denise Colon – UE2 Immersion Teacher
Marylui Rios – UE2 Paraprofessional
Nicole Robinette
– UE3 Enrichment
Alicia Torruella 
– UE3 Paraprofessional 
Angela Morales – UE4 Immersion Teacher
Ana Torres – UE4 Paraprofessional
Lindsay Elliott
– UE5 Enrichment Teacher
Joshua Leeper – UE5 Paraprofessional

Middle Grades Faculty

Erin Dalton Onorato – Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Paula Martinez – Immersion/Spanish Teacher
Christina Brock – Math/Science Teacher

School Support Faculty

Wendy Pineda – Reading/Writing Support Interventionist & ESL Coordinator
Rachel Faulkner – Reading/Writing Support and Interventionist
Marcos Augusto Napa – Music Teacher
Gary Lynch – Physical Education Teacher
Valerie Jong – Media Assistant

Before and After School Care

Cynthia De Amat – Before School and After School Coordinator