What type of educational program does Casa Esperanza Offer?

Casa Esperanza Montessori is a private preschool for children ages 3-4 years old and a public charter school for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. As a public school, Casa’s follows the NC Standard Course of Study (NCSOS). In addition, the school teaches the Montessori curriculum by using Montessori pedagogy and then adds additional elements prescribed by the NCSCOS.

The school has two programs for students. Both programs use the Montessori method and emphasis Spanish language acquisition in different ways:

  • Spanish Enrichment—students spend the majority of their day learning in English but receive some Spanish instruction through a Spanish class and specials (Music and Art) taught in Spanish.
  • Spanish Immersion—students spend the majority of their day learning in Spanish (approximately 90%) and receive a smaller portion of their instruction in English (10%).

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