Dear families,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 4th and 5th grade school year at Casa Esperanza Montessori!

We will be your child’s teachers and we are excited and full of energy! We look forward to providing a good educational experience to our students.

ABOUT US: Mr.Moran & Mrs.Rios

  • 2 Bachelor Degrees: “Graduate in Teaching Elementary School” at the Complutense University (Spain), “Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports” at the European University (Spain), “Master in new technologies applied to education” at the University of Sevilla (Spain), Postgraduate in “Management of educational centers”, Postgraduate in “Teaching Spanish for non-natives”.
  • 13 years of experience as a teacher, the last three in North Carolina.
  • I like computers, reading and traveling. I enjoy teaching and awakening the curiosity of my students with discipline but also with a sense of humor. I learn from them every day.
  • Bachelor of Education. Graduated from the Libertador Maracay Experimental Pedagogical University in Venezuela.
  • 11 years of experience as a teacher in middle and high school, the last three years at Casa Esperanza Montessori in grades 4 and 5.
  • Every day I love my profession and enjoy the teaching-learning process.



· Math – We are learning about fractions, decimals, and the relationship between them. We continue working on problems where we apply the area  and the perimeter, and interpreting and representing data.

· Science – We are studying matter and energy. A little physics is always good to know the world we live in!

· Spanish – We continue to learn vocabulary and grammar, we are also studying to write informative writings in this language and we will enjoy poetry.

· Social studies – We learn the structures and symbols of NC, and how technology and the environment affect our lives.

· Math – We continue to work with fractions, possibly the most important topic in this fifth grade. In geometry we study the volume of objects. In addition, we learn to read and interpret data.

· Science – Weather and climate will take us a large part of this quarter, it is a complex unit with new challenges. Then we will study possibly the most beautiful part of this year, anatomy and human systems.

· Spanish – In addition to continuing to learn vocabulary and grammar, we learn to make informative writings and to work with other types of writings.

· Social Studies – We continue to learn how politics, economics and human relationships affect our lives in the US.



In UE4 we have a website where we find many contents and resources: videos, summaries, online exercises, educational games … It is a good idea to have a link on the computer and cell phone.


Do you want to know us a little better? Here we are celebrating the day of the socks, the music is from the violin of one of our 4th grade students.