Dear families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 5th and 6th grade school year at Casa Esperanza Montessori!

We will be your child’s teachers and we are excited and full of energy! We look forward to providing a good educational experience to our students.

We will learn Math and Science.

ABOUT US: Mr.Moran & Mrs.Amadi

Mr.Moran. Teacher.       

  • Graduated in Primary and Middle School Teaching from Complutense University (Spain)       ○ Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport from European University (Spain)       
  • Master in new technologies applied to education from University of Seville (Spain).       
  • Google Certified Educator (USA)       
  • Certified by The Center for Guided Montessori Studies, NC (USA)       
  • Certified in Foundations of Mathematics, by Publics Schools of NC (USA)       
  • 13 years of experience as a teacher, the last three in North Carolina.
  • I like computers, reading and traveling. I enjoy teaching and awakening the curiosity of my students with discipline but also with a sense of humor. I learn from them every day.

Mrs. Amadi. Coteacher

  • Graduated in Marketing from the Nordestana University in the Dominican Republic
  • After School teacher in elementary school of Montessori
  • Certified to recognize and respond to child abuse
  • Google Certified Educator



· Math – We work with fractions, possibly the most important topic in this fifth grade. In geometry we study the volume of objects. In addition, we learn to read and interpret data.

· Science – First: energy, matter… Weather and climate will take us a large part of this year, it is a complex unit with new challenges. Then we will study possibly the most beautiful part of this year, anatomy and human systems.

· Math – We work with ratios, ecuations, geometry,  coordinate plane and statistics. Probably the part of equations is the most difficult since it is something new for the students.

· Science – Forces, matter, energy, earth and ecosystems. This year we expanded the information we learned in 5th grade.




We use Google Classroom and we have a website where we find many contents and resources: videos, summaries, online exercises, educational games … It is a good idea to have a link on the computer and cell phone.


Do you want to know us a little better? Here we are celebrating the day of the socks, the music is from the violin of one of our 5th grade students.

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