Teacher Introduction

A little about Ms. Treadwell: 
I am from the great state of Maine. I received my bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Utah State University. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I enjoy working with children. My passions are teaching, music, spending time with my family and friends and reading. I moved to North Carolina 3 years ago to teach with the Teach For America program. I am entering my 4th year of teaching.

I am the proud aunt of 15 nieces and nephews, whom I love and adore. I am the youngest of 8 children. I look forward to getting to know you and working with your children. We have an exciting year planned and I can’t wait to get started!

A little about Ms. Torruella: 
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Afro-American Studies with a minor in Art from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut and am a native Spanish speaker. I have been a paraprofessional at Casa since 2006. My first assignment was in Children’s House. I have taught in Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary for a total of 14 years. This year I am happy and excited to return to CHLE with Ms. Treadwell! I am a single parent of four young adults all of whom were Casa graduates. My children and I have lived in Raleigh for 19 years. I am thrilled to be teaching and engaging with your children this school year.

~*~ Classroom Wish List ~*~


  • Sand
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Wall hangings for classroom
  • Teach Me Store gift cards
  • Dollar Tree gift cards
  • Michaels gift cards
  • Swiffer Dusters
  • Hand Soap
  • Laminate Pouches
  • Trash Bags
  • Girls Underwear size x-s, sm, m

Important Info, Dates, & Links

Email and contact info:

Jessica Treadwell – Teacher
Alicia Torruella – Paraprofessional


  • Fridays are library days, please make sure that your student returns their books every Friday, so they can check out new books.
  • Pizza Day is on Fridays except for if it is a half day or 2 hour delay start due to weather.
  • Friday Folders need to be returned in your child’s backpack every Monday, emptied and signed by a parent on the outside of the folder.
  • Please send a water bottle to school with your child and a healthy snack every day.
  • Jeans/Comfy pants day is on Fridays. Students may wear jeans or comfy pants for $1.


First grade: Thank you parents for helping your students to complete their math and reading homework. Please continue to make sure that your student is reading every night and completing their math homework. Please also make sure to log them into Raz-kids and Math IXL  for additional practice at home. Starting quarter 3, I will be sending home a list of sight/spelling words every other week with a choice board of activities for them to choose from each week. They will keep the same list of words for two weeks to practice with.

Kindergarten: Homework will start going home the week of January 27th, but please read with them every night and practice their numbers 1-20 every night. Please also make sure to log them into Raz-kids and Math IXL  for additional practice at home. A letter will be going out as we get closer to the end of January explaining the weekly homework and expectations.


Jan. 20th: No school

Jan. 27th: Kindergarten Homework starts going home

In addition to staying up to date with the amazing things we’re doing in our classroom, please read the GET INVOLVED and STUDENT LIFE sections of our website, too. If you have a question, and can’t find the answer on our website, we’d appreciate it if you would be a helpful citizen of our community and let us know! Chances are someone else has had that same question. 🙂  Thank you!


Developing a positive attitude toward learning
Most learning activities are individualized. Each child engages in learning tasks that appeal to them and they find the activities geared to their needs and level of readiness. Each child works at their own rate, repeating tasks often, if they like, and experiencing achievements! In this way, each child naturally builds a positive attitude toward learning itself.

Developing self confidence
New tasks will be built upon what the child has already mastered. A carefully planned series of successes builds upon inner confidence in children. It assures them that they can learn by themselves. Confidence-building activities contribute to the child’s healthy emotional development.

Building a habit of concentration
Effective learning presupposes the ability to listen carefully and to attend to what is said or demonstrated. Through a series of absorbing experiences, children form habits of extended attention, thus increasing their ability to concentrate.

Fostering an abiding curiosity
A deep, persistent and abiding curiosity is a prerequisite for creative learning. By providing the child with opportunities to discover qualities, dimensions and relationships amidst a rich variety of stimulating learning situations, curiosity is developed and an essential element in creative learning has been established.

Developing habits of initiative and persistence
By surrounding children with appealing materials and learning activities geared to their inner needs, they becomes accustomed to engaging in activities on their own. Gradually, this results in a habit of initiative which is an essential quality of leadership. “Ground rules” call for completing a task once begun and gradually results in a habit of persistence and perseverance for replacing materials after the task is accomplished. This “completion expectation” gradually results in a habit of persistence and perseverance.

Fostering inner security and sense of order
Through a well ordered, enriched but simplified environment, the child’s need for order and security is intensely satisfied. This is noticed in the calming effect the environment has on the child. Since every item in the Montessori classroom has a place and the “ground rules” call for everything in its place, the child’s inner need for order is directly satisfied.



K – We will be learning how to recognize numbers up to 50, place value, adding past 10, multiplication, counting by 2’s and 5’s, and comparing shapes by their sides and angles.

1st – We will be finishing up learning how to tell time and count money. Then we will be starting unit 5 this quarter. In unit 5 we will be exploring addition and subtraction word problems, greater then, less then and equal too, and place value. We will continue working on counting on and back in 2s, 5s, and 10s.


K We will begin to practice our cursive handwriting this quarter. We will continue to work on forming and writing complete sentences. In reading we will be working on segmenting and blending phonemes and counting syllables.

 1st They will continue to learn how to identify the main idea and key details in fiction and non-fiction texts. They have been learning how to revise and edit their writing. This quarter we will learn how to write an informational text. In writing they will continue to learn and practice how to form complete sentences using nouns, articles and adjectives.


K – We have been learning about vertebrates, their habitats, coverings and life cycles, and we will be learning about their differences and similarities. We will be focusing on fish, reptiles and amphibians during this month. We are also learning about clouds and how are they formed. We have been observing the clouds during recess and predicting the kind of weather that we will have during the day.  In Geography we have continued our studies of the continents talking about South America.

1st They are learning about what animals need to survive in their environments and will be choosing an animal to write a report about.

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