Classroom Pages

The purpose of the Classroom Pages (or sometimes we’re calling them Teacher Pages) is to have a central place for a continuous stream of information about your classroom that is convenient for parents and older students to reference. Parents are already in the habit of using our website for official school information and this will strengthen that habit. Your Classroom Page will replace monthly newsletters sent via email.

Step 1: Set Up Account

Login here. User name =  email address
Get a password or reset password = “Lost your password?” It will be emailed to you.

Once you log in you will only be able to edit your Teacher page and the files that you upload.

Step 2: View your classroom page

CH1 Classroom – Immersion PreK-K, CHLE1 Classroom – Immersion K-1
CHLE2 Classroom – Enrichment K-1, CHLE3 Classroom – Immersion K-1
CHLE4 Classroom – Immersion K-1, CHLE5 Classroom – Enrichment K-1
LE1 Classroom – Immersion 2-3, LE2 Classroom – Immersion 2-3
LE3 Classroom – Enrichment 2-3, LE4 Classroom – Enrichment 1-2
LEUE1 Classroom – Enrichment 3-4, LEUE2 Classroom – Immersion 3-4
LEUE3 Classroom – Immersion 3-4
UE1 Classroom – Enrichment 4-5, UE2 Classroom – Immersion 4-5
UE3 Classroom – Enrichment 4-5, UE4 Classroom – Immersion 4-5
Math Classroom – 6-8, Science Classroom – 6-8
Language Arts & Social Studies Classroom – 6-8, Spanish Classroom – 6-8,
Art Classroom, Guidance Counselor

Step 3: Edit your page

  • Go to Teachers on the left side to access your page. In the center, hover over your page name, then click on Edit.
  • You can collapse/expand the page sections using the little arrows next to the trash can. When you click on the text areas the tool bar will look familiar – like a word processing program. The numbers indicate which row or column you are viewing.
  • Remove all the generic text that isn’t accurate. Replace it!
  • Save your work by clicking the blue Update button. Bravo!


Ask a team lead who received previous WordPress training or email Meghan. This is the first year we’ve launched the Classroom Pages so we fully expect that there will be questions.  

Tips on Page Layout

  • The maximum is 3 rows with 3 columns each. Nine sections total.
  • We suggest that you try the pre-formatted 2 rows. We have set it up so that there are 3 columns in the first row, and 1 column in the second row. Consider using the first row for organizing small amounts of information into 3 columns. Use the second row like a blog: date each new entry, and place it at the top. This section can be as long as you want. Just keep adding information throughout the year.
  • You can click and drag the rows and columns, up or down, to change their order on the page.
  • Written text = Content Type 1, photo gallery = Content Type 2.

Tips on Formatting the Text

Helpful Hint: Put all your text in a Word/Google document, then just copy and paste. If you change your page layout, after inserting text, you may lose text; so the Word/Google document is a good backup, too.

  • Titles = Heading2 (Format will automatically be green ALL CAPS)
  • General text = Paragraph
  • Use bold or ALL CAPS for emphasis.
  • Soft Return = Shift + Return (If you want to end a line of text but don’t want so much space between the current line and the upcoming line.)
  • Insert a picture = Add Media button, then upload the file, and click on Insert Into Post. To edit, click on the picture, then click on the Pencil in the mini tool bar. Custom Size in the dropdown menu makes it any size you wish. You can also change the alignment of the picture on the page. Picture do not always cooperate the way you want them to. We are looking into a better solution for pictures.
  • Insert a pdf file = Add Media button, then upload the pdf, and click on Insert Into Post. This provide a link to your file.
  • Insert a link to a webpage = Link button on toolbar first, then paste the web address into the box and press the Arrow button.
  • To open the linked document/page in a new tab, click on the underlined text, then the Pencil, then the Gear and check the Open in a New Tab box, then Update.
  • Save Changes = blue Update button, on the right.

Tips on adding a photo gallery

  • The photo gallery will take up 2 columns in your 3-column row and will overwrite the content that is currently in your columns. Make sure you copy and paste your content into another document before making the change to the row!
  • Change the Content Type on the row from Type 1 which is text to Type 2 for a picture gallery. The 1st picture you upload will be the cover photo for the carousel. Additional pictures will show up with a tiny preview thumbnail in a scroll bar below. Look at the art page for an example.
  • You can click and drag to reorder the pictures after you upload them.
  • Add a caption for each picture.
  • Use landscape photos. Images that are 3:2 proportions will be displayed fully. Other proportions will be cropped automatically.

Step 4: Publish to the Parents!

There is a link to your classroom page above your email address on the Staff Directory page (WHO WE ARE –> SCHOOL STAFF), so that parents can find it easily. You’ll notice that the web address is pretty easy to remember, too. Email parents a link to your page and expectations of what they can find there, and how frequently it will be updated.

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