School Supplies

All kindergarten – 8th grade students will need two sets of school supplies each year:

1) CLASSROOM School Supplies
Description: Notebooks, pencils, rulers, markers, facial tissues, etc.
Purchase from 1st Day School Supplies by June 15th, 2020
or Purchase from another source before Meet the Teacher day 2020

The lists are posted by grade level on the 1st Day School Supplies website. You may purchase supplies directly from 1st Day School Supplies or any place you choose. 1st Day School Supplies makes a contribution to our PFA for each box that is ordered. They also ship the supplies to school and the PFA distributes them to the classrooms.

2) CONSUMABLE School Supplies
Description: Workbooks, Friday folders, journals, agendas, copy paper, etc.
Purchase from Casa Esperanza by August 30th, 2019, preferably,
but we will gladly accept your donation anytime during the school year.

There are no lists posted because the administration orders in bulk. Parents donate to cover the cost of the supplies. The school distributes the supplies directly to the classrooms. We realize that there are a lot of costs associated with starting school each year so we set the due date for one month after the start of school.

  • $65.00 per student suggested amount
  • Please enter your child’s/children’s name(s) in the note field.
  • If you would like to contribute a little more to help cover a portion of the costs for another family, please feel free to  “round up”.
  • If you are not able to pay the suggested amount all at one time, please enter the amount that you are comfortable paying and consider making a recurring payment.
  • Contributions of all amounts are appreciated.
  • Our goal is 100% participation this year.

Contact the PFA with questions about 1st Day School Supplies.

Contact Barbara Cooke with questions about Consumable School Supplies.