Welcome to Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School!

We are pleased to share our school data with you. The information contained in this report card reflects a strong commitment from our faculty and staff, who are supported by an established group of stakeholders that includes parents, community leaders, volunteers, and a cohort of businesses.

We find parental involvement and participation a key element to our success. Parental involvement, combined with the hard work and commitment of our faculty, helps our students to achieve academically and allows them to become independent learners with a high degree of self-drive and motivation. Our students rise above state educational standards because we foster a passion for self-development, one of the central principles of the Montessori philosophy. In addition to self-drive, our diverse culturally competent staff and students represent a multitude of countries from around the world. This diversity provides our students with genuine cultural experiences. This multi-cultural experience combined with our rigorous Montessori curriculum which integrates the common core makes Casa a unique and special place.

We invite you to experience for yourself our educational achievements and the potential we see in each child who enrolls at Casa Esperanza Montessori Charter School. Look at our data, navigate through each piece of the school report card, visit our website at www.cemcs.org or personally come to our school for a tour. As you look through our school report card, please be advised that we embrace a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy as it relates to technology.  This may not be reflected on the SRC indicator for our school and therefore does not produce a true picture of the actual resources our students have access to.

Your comments and suggestions are always important to us.



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