In the 2016-2017 school year the PFA will support over 500 students. As our school grows, we are in constant need of volunteers for events and funding support.

This page contains information about PFA committees and PFA officer positions so you can get a feel for where you might like to get involved. To support the activities below, or suggest another way you’d like to help, please contact


Committee Name
Chairperson (bold)
awesome volunteers
Committees with notes in this column are currently in need of volunteers like you!
Book Fair Amy Clark
Kate Griffith
Robyn Bennai
Julie Stevenson
Staff Appreciation
Luncheons, Staff birthdays, Faculty Lounge & Powder Rooms
Julie Stevenson
Amy Pelletier
Fall/Winter Festival Kerri Schmidt If you have creative ideas to make events fun and enjoy working on your own small projects within a big team, click here to volunteer.
Yearbook Jennifer Fuller
Deb Perdomo
If you enjoy taking pictures at school events please click here to offer your assistance.
Box Top labels Caryn Summers
TerraCycle Jenny Goguen
Jess Fass
Square 1 Art Miya Fleming
Amy Clark
Scrip Looking for friendly parents to help sell Scrip cards during afternoon carpool. Please step right up and email us to volunteer.
Pictures Amy Clark
Dionne Moragne
Touch Tank Miya Fleming
Uniform Swap Laura Chapman If neatly folded laundry brings a smile to your face click here to let us know you’d like to help categorize and fold items in our Uniform Swap.
Newsletter Meghan Antonopoulos
Deb Perdomo
Translators Deb Perdomo
Luisa Mahler
Hadassah Grizzard
We need translators for PFA flyers or posters. Please email us if you can help with a project or two.
Healthy Kids Fun Run Jenny Goguen
Auction Lilian Zeitouni Please click here to donate something or to tell us that your favorite restaurant or entertainment venue would like to donate to our school.
Carpool Connector Julie Stephenson
Gina Shankle
Family Nights Heather Worrell
Danielle Whysall

Casa Connections Kerri Schmidt
Garden Meghan Antonopoulos
Christina Brock
Rachel Banyal
Freya Walker
Stephanie Stancil
Deb Perdomo
Sunshine & Gratitude Erin Huckel
Beth Plumeri
Help strengthen community relationships and grace this committee with your kind and thoughtful ideas by clicking here and emailing us.
Casa Gear & 1st Day School Supplies
Melissa Elliott

Book Fair Committee

This committee works with the Scholastic representative to organize and manage the book fair.

  • Creates and sends schedule to teachers for classes to visit the book fair. Assists with wish lists.
  • Sets up and decorates book fair in designated area.
  • Reserves dates and coordinates book fair drop off and pick up.
  • Prints materials from Scholastic Tool Kit website to advertise the book fair.
  • Organizes volunteers to work shifts throughout the book fair.
  • Volunteers will help CH and CHLE classes write their wish lists.
  • Works the cash register and help students and/or parents find books in the fair.
  • Reorders and restock books from Scholastic. Breakdown fair.
  • Runs reports and create financial statement on Scholastic website.

Staff Appreciation Committee

This committee coordinates a variety of ways to show appreciation to the staff throughout the year.

  • Works with the committee to provide luncheons (usually on half day Fridays) to teachers and staff 4-6 times per year.
  • Restocks the adult bathroom (feminine hygiene products, air freshener, mouthwash, cups and lotion)
  • Restocks the lounge (coffee items, microwave popcorn, plastic utensils and extra paper products) supplies.
  • Puts treats in staff mailboxes throughout the year.
  • Recognizes staff birthdays (card/note and treat). Makes special treats for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Yearbook Committee

This committee organizes and designs the Casa yearbook, takes candid photos in classrooms and at school events, organizes the sale of PDA’s and advertisements, signs the contract with the publisher and distributes yearbooks to students.

Scrip Card Coordinator

This committee sells scrip fundraising cards, advertises the program, and manages the deposits and reordering.

Square1Art Committee

This committee works with the S1A representative to coordinate the teachers, art materials, volunteers, catalog orders, and distribution of the finished art projects for this fundraiser.

School Pictures Chairperson and Committee

Organizes the school pictures and orders.


Translators translate various PFA communications from English to Spanish in order to reach the entire Casa community. Translation is needed for PFA newsletters and announcements sent home via email and flyers for Friday Folders.

Garden Committee

The garden committee supports the middle grades service learning project of growing a garden. Maintains the garden and seeks donations for learning materials and physical maintenance of the raised beds.



There are up to 6 PFA officer positions. These positions are voted on in the spring for the upcoming year and run for a fiscal year, July-June. Interested candidates can put their name on the ballot by emailing or there is a PFA correspondence box in the front office. Candidates should understand the committment by being involved in at least one committee plus attend PFA monthly meetings prior to the spring vote.

Officer duties include but are not limited to:

(up to 2 per term)
  • Start, end and lead all PFA officer meetings
  • Accountable to make sure that all projects undertaken by the PFA are successfully organized and performed.
  • Delegate work to other officers
  • Lead and partake in key PFA projects
(up to 2 per term)
  • Create monthly PFA newsletter
  • Manage PFA website
  • Work with Casa Business Office on information distribution
  • Lead and partake in key PFA projects
  • Maintain and update monthly Excel Spreadsheet for PFA current year budget.
  • Transfer PFA budget numbers to GoogleDocs Spreadsheet for PFA Officers to access.
  • Review and distribute monthly PFA budget numbers at PFA Meetings.
  • Accounts Receivable – make all cash and check deposits to PFA bank account. Includes all funds collected for Casa Gear, fundraising proceeds, commission checks, rewards program distributions, etc.
  • Accounts Payable – Write all checks for expenses incurred by the PFA.
  • Ensure proper records are kept and all supporting paperwork and receipts are turned in for all A/P and A/R transactions.
  • Maintain bank account for PFA. Print statements and reconcile each month. Contact bank and follow up with any discrepancies.
  • Follow up and try to recover NSF checks submitted for deposit.
  • Manage PFA’s bank credit card. Reconcile monthly statement.
  • Prepare tax documents for audit.
  • Work with Accountant to ensure filing is correct and supporting documentation is submitted.
  • Assist and help with PFA functions and PFA sponsored events.
  • Take minutes at monthly PFA meeting.
  • Add and maintain minutes on Casa’s PFA Google Drive.
  • Sign Master: Responsible for creating signs for specified PFA events.
  • Flyer production: Photocopy PFA event flyers and put them in each class file for Friday Folder distribution.