Public Charter School, 9th – 12th grade

After graduation from Casa Esperanza’s middle grades program, 8th-grade students may continue their rigorous student-centered learning at Kaleidoscope Charter High School for 9th – 12th grades, opening August 2020.  

Casa Esperanza students will not have to go through a lottery to attend Kaleidoscope Charter High School due to an Articulation Agreement that was approved in 2019. Applications for rising 9th and 10th grade students will be available on their website in January 2020.

Kaleidoscope and Casa Esperanza have a similar approach to learning! Lessons are individually paced to the developmental needs, learning style, interests, and abilities of each student.

Students are empowered to:

      • take ownership of their learning
      • be responsible for their own growth and progress
      • explore the power of their own potential

The essential core-curriculum includes the study of:

      • foreign language
      • art
      • technology
      • English language arts
      • social studies
      • science
      • math

Kaleidoscope students will be able to learn through unique platforms, including:

      • site-based internships
      • work-based learning
      • dual-credit courses
      • mini-courses
      • online classes

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