Ibis Núñez Head of School
Assistant Head of School
Christina Riordan Finance / Development Director
Anna Foley Human Resources Director
Technology Director / Media Specialist
Dionne Smith Before and After School Coordinator
Molly Blanchard Accounting Specialist / Student Accounting
Pam Seymour Guidance Counselor
Valerie Jong Media Assistant
Celeste Saldaña School Receptionist / Admissions Coordinator
Exceptional Children Faculty
Danyel Sherman Exceptional Children Teacher and collaborator with HOS on EC coordination
Children’s House Faculty
Bertha Cepeda-Krautz CH1 Immersion Teacher
Katia Salcedo CH1 Paraprofessional
Sindy Salcedo CH2 Immersion Teacher
Xiomara Gonzalez CH2 Paraprofessional
Children’s House / Lower Elementary Faculty
Rosina Pearsall CHLE2 Immersion Teacher
Carol Tunstall CHLE2 Paraprofessional
Letissha Wilkins CHLE3 Enrichment Teacher
Annalyn Guzman CHLE3 Paraprofessional
Rosemarie Baker CHLE4 Enrichment Teacher
Jovanny Mastromihalis CHLE4 Paraprofessional
Claudia Villafuerte CHLE6 Immersion Teacher
Marisa Marquez CHLE6 Paraprofessional
Lower Elementary
Bethany Thuku LE1 Enrichment Teacher
Allison Denison LE1 Paraprofessional
Kathleen Glenn LE2 Enrichment Teacher
Alicia Toruella LE2 Paraprofessional
Luz Ospina LE3 Immersion Teacher
Cristiane Rhodes LE3 Paraprofessional
Michele Dyroff LE4 Immersion Teacher
Margaret Collazo LE4 Paraprofessional
Udy Navia LE5 Immersion Teacher
Sonia Gibbs LE5 Paraprofessional
Suzette Goodman LE6 Enrichment Teacher
Conny Kern LE6 Paraprofessional
Lower Elementary / Upper Elementary Faculty
Angela Morales LEUE1 Immersion Teacher
Paula Desir LEUE1 Paraprofessional
Yaneth Urcuqui LEUE2 Enrichment Teacher
Illeana Castillo LEUE2 Paraprofessional
Upper Elementary Faculty
Lindsay Elliott UE1 Enrichment Teacher
Marjan Motamedy UE1 Paraprofessional
Amber Cole UE2 Enrichment Teacher
Melissa Trigg-Collins UE2 Paraprofessional
Lina Espinosa UE4 Immersion Teacher
Ana Torres UE4 Paraprofessional
Middle Grades Faculty
Erin Dalton Onorato Language Arts / Social Studies Teacher
Jorge Becerra Immersion / Spanish Teacher
Christina Brock Math/Science  Teacher
Enrichment Faculty
Wendy Pineda Reading/Writing Support Interventionist and ESL Coordinator
Erin Huckel Reading/Writing Support and Interventionist and Testing Coordinator
Ana Maria Mendez Spanish & Music Teacher
Gary Lynch Physical Education Teacher