The Casa Harriers Are Back!


The Harriers, Casa’s Cross Country Running Club will be having “Fall Training” from September 11 through November 15.  Fall Training is for 4th through 8th graders.  We will meet Mondays and Wednesdays at Spring Forest Park from 3:45 through 4:30. We will not meet during Fall Break. The Casa Harriers is a club that focuses on self-improvement and good sportsmanship through running. Throughout the season your child will run timed half miles and miles, do interval workouts, run relays, stretch, and do plyometric drills to increase strength and stamina. Students learn how to pace themselves for a long distance race.  Records will be kept for each child, and children will get to see how much they have improved throughout the year. Practices are a “no trash talk” zone filled with laughs and cheers. Awards are handed out at the end of the season to the students who show the best attitude and improve the most. The season will end with an awards/pizza banquet at the school on Monday, November 20. Harriers T-shirts will be available for order towards the beginning of the season. Please make sure you fill out all attached forms. Your child will not be allowed to participate without all forms filled out and signed.  Please make sure that all forms are completed and turned in (to teachers or Mr. Lynch), along with $10 fee (for pizza party) before September 11.  Also, students must wear school uniform colored clothes (Harriers T-shirts are fine) while participating at Cross Country.