New maps will soon be available to show the carpool path.

From Old Wake Forest turn onto Sumner Boulevard.  Take your first left onto Meridian Drive. Follow Meridian around a curve and around the back of the school, turning right up the side parking lot of the school and stop at side of school for carpool.

Alternatively you can turn from Old Wake Forest at the light for Ruritania Street.  follow the Road past the apartment complex and make the left turn onto Sumner.  You should then drive past the school on your right to reach Meridian Drive and join the carpool.  Note: It is considered bad carpool etiquette to drive backwards through the carpool path and then u-turn to get into line (it has also caused numerous fender benders.  Likewise, cutting in line by turning on Times Drive instead of Meridian is also frowned upon.


Morning Carpool

Carpool begins at 8:00 am (2012-2013 school year). When carpool staff is present at the side entrance of the building then carpool has begun.  Please do not allow your children to leave your car before staff is present.  When your car is in the “cone zone” then your child may exit the car on the passenger / building side of the car.  Morning arpool is very efficient and you should have no reason to unload your child at the front of the building.


Late Arrivals

If you have arrived after the carpool staff has left you must park your car and escort your child in the front door.  The parking lot is not designed for children to be unescorted.  It is very dangerous to allow them to cross the lot unaccompanied.


Afternoon Carpool

WITH CARPOOL TAG: At 3:00 pm we begin calling carpool tag numbers in the order in which cars arrive. The carpool number caller will only call cars that have appropriate CASA ONLY Carpool Tag and have entered the carpool line from the correct location. As your car approaches the carpool number caller you will indicate how many children you are picking up and show (typically hanging from rearview mirror) your carpool number.  Then when your car is in the “cone zone” a carpool helper will open the door of your car, help your child in and then close the door for you.


WITHOUT CARPOOL TAG: You are now considered a Jam.  There is no need for you to wait in the carpool line.  Instead procede to get in line (in your car) at the front of the building.  A staff member will come to your car to get your child’s name, carpool number and to verify your identification.  When there is a pause in carpool numbers being called, your child will be called and told to come to the front of the building for release.

3 scenarios under which an adult is permitted to pick up children via carpool at Casa:

1. You have the carpool tag of the child whom you are picking up,

2. The child’s parent has previously given (not faxed) the school a note authorizing you  to pick up the child.

Note: You cannot deliver that note at time of pick-up. The Carpool clipboard  attendant has copies of a form note you may pick up one day and return the  next, or you may write your own note.

3. Your name appears on the list of people authorized to pick up the child.

a. If you do not have the carpool tag for each child you intend to pick up, you must show your driver’s license to our Carpool Clipboard attendant, who will then check to see if you are on that child’s authorized list. If you are not on the authorized list, you will be asked to go to the front office.
b. Your i.d. will be checked every day that you do not have the carpool tag, evenif on some days you are personally known to the attendant.

Late Departures

If you have arrived after the carpool staff has left you must park your car and go into the building to get your child.  If you arrive to pick up your child after 3:35, you will be charged $1.00 per minute per family after 3:35 pm. Casa accepts cash or check. Make checks payable to: CEMCS.