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Dear Parents of Walk-Up Children,

For several reasons—some regarding safety and some regarding logistics—Casa  has decided to change the policy for Walk-Ups during Casa’s afternoon carpool.  The change starts Monday, January 7, 2013 (the first day students return from Winter Break).  Please review the policy and decide whether or not you want to continue to send your child to walk-ups:

1.     The front doors of the school will remain locked, and walk-up parents/caregivers will not enter the building.  They will remain outside.

2.     Parents / caregivers will be required to show an official Casa carpool tag and/or show a picture ID to confirm that s/he is on the Emergency Pick-up list for every single pickup, regardless of whether or not the carpool adult recognizes you.

3.     Students not picked up by 3:15 pm will be taken back to their classes to wait for pickup in carpool.

Our main goal at Casa Esperanza is to keep your children safe.   To that end, we need for both entry to the building and the adult identification process to be very controlled so as not to allow unauthorized adults inside.  Other goals behind the changes involve the facts that:

  •  the number of walk-up children has expanded to an unmanageable amount
  •  many parents use walk-ups as an excuse to linger in the halls, socialize, and access teachers at a time when they are not available to meet
  •  many parents are late, which requires students to be escorted by staff with all their belongings not once but twice

The original goal of walk-ups was to allow parents who were truly unable to pick up during carpool (due to work constraints) to do so quickly and safely, but in fact, walk-ups has morphed into a “second carpool” that presents security problems and creates chaos for staff.  Please use the walk-up form found under forms to opt-in or opt-out. Forms are due to Casa by January 7th. Please drop them off or email them to dbush@cemcs.org.

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